Fitness Coach

Like some people in Hong Kong, Raymond once misunderstood that going to the gym meant that he had to take the fitness route. After being exposed to fitness for a period of time, Raymond found that Hong Kong people are under a lot of work pressure and have long-term posture issues, which has caused a lot of pain problems. In addition to be more muscular, Raymond begin to pay more attention to maintaining the joints of the body, and the balance of different muscle groups, so that body pain can be reduced. As our body is not a machine, if parts are broken or injured, they can’t be replaced. It is near impossible to get a new one. The only way is training and proper maintenance.

As a personal trainer, Raymond wants to help each student to develop at his/her personal ability and setting goals. Leading students to establish sports experience and inspire reflection that may enrich their life. By teaching students to learn the correct movements step by step, improve their postures through exercise and enable them to practice a healthy lifestyle, thereby continuously improve themselves.


ASCA - NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

ASCA - Sport Massage Specialist

Stick Mobility level 1