Yoga Instructor

Chrisy is a brand professional and a dedicated fitness lover since 2010, she first started practising yoga aimed for stress relaxation from the fast-paced fashion world and as a stretching exercise to complement her intensive training such as Muay Thai, HIIT and Weight Training…

It’s hard to put words to describe the power of yoga, apart from physical benefits like a nice body figure – strong and flexible, easing pains and completion release of body tension, she is able to find the inner peace and grounded in mind and soul to enjoy genuine tranquillity.

Her teaching style is dynamic, playful and energetic.

She love focusing on building up a good foundation in strength and alignment in order to let yoga journey can grow further, yet safe practice. Last but not the least, inner peace and happiness is what she expect the most the student can takeaways from yoga practise.




Pure Yoga Hong Kong by Master Samrat Dasgupta, 2020

The Art of Alignment - Postural Clinic

Pure Yoga Hong Kong with Vivian Agethen, 2020


Pure Yoga Hong Kong with Zapata Lina, 2019