Boxing Instructor

AO started full-time boxing career from 2008. He has dozens of boxing matches experience and has dedicated himself as a personal trainer for more than ten years. He is good at teaching various boxing skills and provides students with personalized training content based on his years of professional experience.

Boxing is a high-intensity, explosive exercise, and it is also a systemic exercise. It can exercise core muscles, improve physical fitness, train balance, physical coordination, enhance your muscle endurance, and increase metabolic rate to achieve self-cultivation. And decompression effect.


Former Hong Kong Boxer

Former Coach-Level Member Of Hong Kong Boxing Association

Senior Boxing Coach

Hong Kong Boxing Association Approved Registered Coach (2009)

NASM International Certified Personal Trainer (2010)

Bulgarian Training Bag Certificate

TRX Suspension Training Certificate

Hong Kong St.John Ambulance Certificate in First Aid

Hong Kong Red Cross certified in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Course